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Here's How It Works...

Design Your Products

Rocket Notes makes it easy to create a product. Just click a button and select the type of product you want. You can add any physical or digital product to your funnels/websites.

Keep track of your


It's easy to keep track of your products with Rocket Notes. You can:

Utilize tags to keep your products sorted.

Add products to collections, which you can then display on your site. This is a great way to showcase specific items or groups of items that are available for purchase.

​​Easily control where your products are displayed by checking a box. Choose to display them in your online store or customer center.

And so much more…

Offering discounts and

sweeten the deal for your customers.

When you offer discounts, your customers have more motivation to make a purchase! With Rocket Notes, you can use various types of promotions to convert prospects into paying customers, such as:

Discount Codes: Incentivize sales by creating dynamic discount codes for your products.

Automatic Discounts: Set conditions to automatically trigger a discount

Sale: Make certain items in your store available for, receive a discounted price.

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