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While it's always great to attract new customers, the key to real business growth is keeping them. Fortunately,

with Rocket Notes CRM, building relationships with your customers has never been easier.

Here's What You Can Do...

Understand What Your

Contacts Are Doing

Since every individual on your contact list is unique, our CRM allows you to gather data points and utilize them to craft a personalized experience for each person. You can also create any number of smart lists that can automatically update when certain actions are completed.

Develop Stronger


CRM allows you to remain in communication with your contacts, panelists, etc., throughout their time cooperating with you. The more information you have about what interests each person, the better able you will be to create trust and a relationship of mutual respect. You can also create automated workflows to automatically follow up with your contacts depending on which actions they take.

Communication That Is Personalized

Store notes of each contact in order to track a history of your most important conversations. This is great for:

Forming relationships through personal details - (for example, "You recently went to Maui, right? How was it?")

Documenting what was communicated during a conversation - especially when multiple team members are connecting with your contacts - is essential. For example, “Jenny wants to BUY the course, but needs to wait until after the 1st of the month.” By having this knowledge readily available, you can easily follow up and close the deal.

Accountability - Use this feature to track a client's progress over time, and help them stay on target by documenting their goals, actions, obstacles, etc. (i.e. “Last week, you committed to drinking 80 ounces of water each day. How did that go?”)

Keep all your contacts in one convenient


With our software, you can view an entire contact's journey with your company at a glance. This allows you to manage them in real-time more effectively. You'll have access to key billing details, enrollments, and orders all in one place.

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