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Data-Driven Decisions Made Easy:

Rocket Notes Analytics

With our data tool, you will be able to quickly and easily determine which of

your pages or funnels are effective and where improvements can be made!

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All Your Leads & Sales Data In One Place

Instead of hopping between various platforms and reports, you get a unified, data-driven picture of your business performance. Rocket Notes makes data management and analysis effortless, freeing up more time for you to focus on what truly matters – driving your business forward.

Here's How It Works...

Use Our Tool To Monitor

Both Your Short-Term And

Long-Term Progress

With our advanced analytics, you can see how your launch or campaign is performing in real-time and make decisions accordingly. You can also review the performance of your ads and funnels over time side by side with our Analytics.

Keep tabs on your

customers' journey

through your course

By using our analytics tool, you can also help your clients get better results from your courses by tracking their progress, monitoring their proficiency, and seeing which models have been viewed.

You'll also be able to tell where they've stopped so that you can encourage them to continue on the learning path to completion.

See which aspects of

your campaign are


To improve your funnel's performance, take a look at various metrics such as sales conversion, page views, opt-in rate, open rate, click-through rate, subscriptions and average cart value.

Based on what you find in the data review changes that need to be made to step up your game. For example; if analytics indicate a low sales conversion rate maybe its time for better headlines or stories that resonate more with visitors.

Increase Business


Keep tabs on your business' progress and ensure you are meeting milestones and goals! By tracking historical data, cycles, and trends over time, you'll be able to get a better understanding of how your business is performing. This way, you can adjust your budgeting and planning accordingly.

Powerful Insights, Smarter Strategy:

Navigate Your Success with Rocket Notes Analytics

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Rocket Notes provides you with all of the necessary tools to market, sell and deliver your products online.

In addition, we have funnels that will bring customers to you!

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