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Don't just chase leads — get in front of them, again and again, from all angles . We help you reach your leads in 8 different ways — email, direct message, phone, voicemail, online presence, reviews, direct mail, and artificial intelligence — all managed under one central hub.



No Sign Up Fee & $0 To Get Started!

Come be a part of our rapidly expanding all-in-one marketing platform and give your business a boost! We're the pros at converting online leads into loyal customers and we're excited to share our secrets with you. Let's grow together!

James Anderson, utilizing the capabilities of Breakthrough Funnel, LLC, shares his success: "In just one month, I've welcomed 6 new members to our team!"

Samantha Collins, after integrating her leads into Breakthrough Funnel, shares her experience: "I'm securing 3-5 appointments daily, simply by sending texts through the included marketing campaigns!"

Mike Johnson shared with us, "Thanks to the boost in referrals from your 'Thank You for Business' campaign, I've already covered the cost of your software for the next two years - THANK YOU!"

No Sign Up Fee & $0 To Get Started!


The more your leads see you, the more they'll trust you. This is the core of what Breakthrough Funnel offers. By maintaining a consistent presence, both online and offline, you transform from just another name into the name they remember.

With Breakthrough Funnel, you have the capability to connect via text, email, phone calls, direct mail, Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and voicemail drops—all through a single, integrated dashboard.

Forget about the hassle of managing multiple platforms or trying to keep track of numerous passwords. We offer a simplified system that allows you to concentrate on the most important goal: converting those leads into confirmed appointments.

Gain detailed insights into the performance of your direct mail campaigns, alongside your digital outreach.

Professionally Designed Funnels Ready To Launch For Many Industries.

Professional Sales Copy for pages, emails, and texts Already WRITTEN and Loaded for You to Edit and Use.



Performance Guarantee

If you don't think we're a valuable addition to your business, cancel!

You won't owe us anything else.


Our Support Guarantee

We offer 24/7 live chat support with , daily live Zoom calls, phone support and responsive email support!


Expert Advise Guarantee

Our team knows how to get people who are looking for your product or service to WANT to use you.



Performance Guarantee

If you don't think we're a valuable addition to your business, cancel!

You won't owe us anything else.


Our Support Guarantee

We offer 24/7 live chat support with , daily live Zoom calls, phone support and responsive email support!


Expert Advise Guarantee

Our team knows how to get people who are looking for your product or service to WANT to use you.

Our Breakthrough Marketing Suite Saves You Time & Money

No Need For Any Additional Software

  • Cancel all your existing marketing and business tools!

  • Get ALL Features With Break Through Funnel for one low monthly price!

  • Our new A.I. Appointment Setting Tool , included with your subscription!

The tools within this CRM have allowed me to cut down my spending on other marketing resources by more than $650 each month. That adds up to a yearly saving of over $7800. It's a clear decision." – Mark

Ethan Parker Says...

Definitely give Breakthrough Funnel a shot, at least with a free trial to discover if it matches your needs. It comes equipped with funnels, a power dialer, and all the essentials for growing your business!

Fill Your Calendar Using Artificial Intelligence

New A.I. Appointment Setting Bot Now Included

with Your Breakthrough Funnel Subscription

In just 15 minutes, you can have your AI Appointment Setting Bot up and running, ready to engage with your customers on your behalf! This bot can handle frequently asked questions, book appointments, and much more, all while being fully customizable to match your brand's voice and tone. You're going to appreciate how it transforms your customer interaction!

This is an example of how the AI Appointment Bot works to connect to a “dead lead”:

  • The first message is sent to “Bobby”, letting them know you’re reaching out to follow-up on a request for an HVAC quote. Asking if they’re available to talk this week.

  • Our AI Appointment Bot will review your calendar for Friday this week, and then propose two open time slots on the selected calendar.

  • Bobby confirms that one of the proposed times will work with him.

  • AI Appointment Bot will add John to your calendar for next Thursday at 1pm, and then add him to the automated workflow to confirm his appointment (and send reminders as the appointment gets closer).

"Fired up the bot this morning for a handful of leads and snagged an appointment within minutes... quite impressive!" – Tyler Mitchell

Streamlined Process

How Your Trial Works

No Other Software Gives You As Much Bang For Your Buck

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Convert your online visitors into actual paying customers

Create your web presence

exactly the way you want

Turn your knowledge, passion or experience into revenue

Manage your students or leads and turn them into fans

Automate direct mail campaigns effortlessly through our partnership with Mailbox Power

Reach and engage with your audience where they are

Run A/B tests on your website, funnels or email campaigns

Create a blog that positions you an expert in your industry

Get all the data you need to

grow your business

Easy and powerful drag and

drop page editing experience

Create powerful workflows to automate your marketing

Create your product once and

sell it inside any funnel

Fully Automated Funnels & Follow-Up Campaigns

Use the Power of A.I. to Build

Your List and Get New Customers!

We provide free, complete marketing snapshots to import instantly into your new Break Through Funnel CRM Account! These marketing snapshots contain: professionally

designed funnels , pre-written emails , scheduled text messages , ringless voicemails , sales pipelines , and more!

Everything you need to generate & follow-up with your leads, all imported into your account!

What if I don’t know how to set all of this up?

No problem! Our Growth Engineers will help you setup your account so that it works to grow your business. Breakthrough Funnel is fully customizable for your business.

Right after you complete the onboarding process, you’ll be invited to a private, free call with your assigned growth engineer and they will help you get your account setup. It’s that easy!

Jordon Michaels Says...

After implementing Breakthrough Funnel into our workflow, the impact was immediate and profound. Within just a few weeks, we saw a significant uptick in engagement and conversion rates.

The AI-driven insights and automation have revolutionized the way we approach lead generation and customer interaction. It's not just a software; it's a game-changer for our business. The ease of use, combined with powerful tools like the AI Appointment Setting Bot, has freed up countless hours for our team to focus on strategy and growth. - Jordan Michaels, Digital Marketing Director

Our 5,000+ Users Are Raving About

Incredible support team! I'm deeply appreciative! They were so patient with me as I navigated learning Breakthrough Funnel, and now I'm managing a fully automated business. Big thanks to the team!" - Emily Thompson

The ability to have unlimited funnels and contacts meant I could cancel more than $500 in monthly subscriptions for several services I no longer use. This has saved me $6,000 annually!" – Alex

Fantastic platform for efficient marketing and superb

support, especially if tech isn't your strong suit. They really go above and beyond to assist, support, and guide you towards success in your business. I strongly recommend this

platform!!! - Samantha

Outstanding and prompt customer support. The Breakthrough Funnel software is fantastic and incredibly user-friendly. Highly recommend!" – Lucas.

Breakthrough Funnel CRM is NOT going to...

Ignore You, Overcharge You, Nickel-&-Dime

You, or Leave You Feeling Unsupported

Breakthrough Funnel Is

Packed with Features:

  • Power Dialer

  • Funnel Builder (unlimited funnels)

  • Email Marketing (no limits)

  • Ringless Voicemail (so easy to use)

  • Bulk Text Messages (schedule them out, or trigger on action)

  • Pre-Loaded Marketing Campaigns (you'll love these)

Breakthrough Funnel Has ...

  • Daily Live Zoom Calls (7am & 2pm PST)

  • Complimentary Onboarding Call Included, Schedule Right Away!

  • Phone Support: Call Us With Questions! We Pick Up the Phone

  • Ringless Voicemail (so easy to use)

  • Rapid Response Time For Emails

  • ​Live Chat Within the Desktop App, Available 24/7

So robust, it could be the entire foundation of your business.

Breakthrough Funnel serves as an all-inclusive hub for those aiming to generate leads, handle marketing, and communicate with prospective clients, and crucially, seal deals. Since launching my first business in 2010, it stands out as the most intuitive and potent CRM I've encountered. It's the ideal solution for both CRM novices and veterans alike" - Ethan

... or enhance and integrate seamlessly with your existing setup!"

Breakthrough Funnel seamlessly integrates with your current website, allowing you to efficiently organize leads, send emails, texts, and even deliver ringless voicemails. This frees up your time to concentrate on high-priority tasks. Our system is compatible with Zapier, and we offer an API that enables you to connect with your existing tools, utilizing all the features available within Breakthrough Funnel

Our Most Popular Features

What Can Break Through Funnel Do?

Automation Workflow


Call Record

Chat Widget



Email Builder





Reputation Management

Social Planner

Website Builder

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Break Through Funnel CRM have a Zapier app?

Yes! We have a Zapier app and training on how to use it!

How much is the sign up fee?

There is NO sign up fee and it's $0 to get started with our free trial.

I’m not tech savvy, can you help me get everything set up?

Yes! We are here to get you all set up.

Have a question not answered here? Call us!

Call our Support Line: (530) 424-8288



Other CRMs require a ton of setup just to go live.

So, we've got the ball rolling so you don't have to...


Sales Copy Not Written.

Templates Still Need To Be Personalized For Your Business.

Email & Phone Integrations Not Setup.

Automated Follow Up Sequences Not Setup.

Automated Follow Up Email & Text Not Written.

Calendar To Book Appointments Not Setup.

CRM Requires Manual Setup.

Breakthrough Funnel

High Converting Sales Copy

Already Written For You To Edit.

Templates Will Automatically Load Your Logo And Business Information.

Email & Phone Integrations Already Setup And Good To Go.

Automated Follow Up Sequences Fully Set Up And Ready To Launch.

Automated Emails & Texts Already Written.

Calendar Already Setup To Book Appointments. Google & Outlook.

CRM Already Setup For All Funnels And Will Report Real Time Data.

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