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Launch Automated Direct Mail Campaigns With Rocket Notes & Mailbox Power

Boost your marketing with the perfect blend of personalized direct mail and gifts.

In collaboration with Mailbox Power, Rocket Notes lets you send automated cards, gifts, and follow-ups to enhance client retention and boost engagement straight from inside the CRM.

Sign up for our Premier Plan at Rocket Notes and receive the executive plan (normally $199/mo) at Mailbox Power for FREE, along with A.I. and many other high end features!

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Unlock Limitless Engagement with

Personalized Direct Mail

Looking to elevate your client retention and engagement strategy? With Rocket Notes & Mailbox Power, you can create automated and targeted direct mail/gifting automations effortlessly. From personalized cards to unique gifts, we make reaching out to your clients a breeze.

Here's How It Works...

Fully Automate Your Direct Mail Campaigns.

We have so many templates from industries across the board that are ready to use. All you have to do is select the template and it'll load into your account. We've already done most of the setup, all you have to do is pick and choose something that feels like your brand and then you're good to go!

Effortless Campaign Scheduling

Plan ahead with confidence. Set up campaigns to reach your clients on special occasions, milestones, or just because. With Rocket Notes and Mailbox Power, scheduling direct mail is a breeze, allowing you to stay connected without the fuss.



Personalize your client interactions in an instant. From name-customized cards to unique gifts, Rocket Notes lets you make every piece of mail special, without the complexities.

Track & Analyze Your


Know exactly how your clients are engaging with your direct mail. Receive instant notifications and create tailored follow-ups for a one-of-a-kind client experience.

Transform your client engagement today with Rocket Notes & Mailbox Power!

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